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U.S. Trust Co. v. New Jersey (Port Authority case) 1977

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1691a8c5-265c-49ab-acf8-4f7377c74387

Wage Settlements Correspondence and Reports 1978

 Digital Record
Identifier: c3556237-0107-43d1-a96a-6620160bcc7f

Wein v. City of New York 1975

 Digital Record
Identifier: 020ef769-bddd-4de7-965d-35af7ae3f08e

Wein v. State of New York 1975-1977

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5791ece4-bb7f-40c6-aacf-fa6063d53fa2

Withers v. Teachers' Retirement System 1977-1979

 Digital Record
Identifier: d32c5927-9f79-4bf2-b25f-8533c7c2107d

Yonkers Fire Department v. City of Yonkers 1977

 Digital Record
Identifier: 250ddc5d-b58c-4784-bb1e-e6ae433dc850

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